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 Frequently Asked Questions
    How long will it take to repair my equipment?

   Average repair time is about 1 - 2 weeks.

    How much is it going to cost to repair my equipment?

    We have flat rate repairs listed for some models. Go to "Models We Repair" to see if flat rates apply to your
   model. For models that don't have flat rate repairs we will contact you with an estimate after diagnostic
   of your unit.

     Is there a diagnostic charge to check my equipment?

    Yes, but we do not collect the diagnostic fee in advance. If for any reason we do not proceed with repair of any
    unit sent in to us, the $120.00 diagnostic fee plus return shipping is due.

   How do I pay for my repair? 

  We will contact you for credit card information after we receive your unit. PayPal users will receive a PayPal
   invoice. We accept personal checks with a 10 day hold.

    Do I need to send a check with my equipment?

   No, we will contact you after we receive your unit for payment options. If you would like to pay by check.
   we will contact you after we receive you unit with total charges including shipping and handling.

    Do I need to include the power cord with my equipment?

   No. But you may send it in if you want us to check the cord for wear or damages.

   Do I need to include the remote with my equipment?

   Yes. Remotes are an important part of your Bose system and we need to test them for proper operation.

    How do I know my remote is bad?

   Click here to perform tests on your remote.

    Do you sell new or refurbished Bose equipment?

    No. With the exception of remotes and accessories which we do sell.

    How long is the warranty period?

    90 days.

    Do you sell repair parts?

    No. Our repair parts are reserved for customer repairs.

    What security measures are taken with the handling of my credit card info?

    Credit card numbers and billing info are only taken over the phone. Information is hand written on a sheet of
    paper and is never entered into a computer and is not accessible over the internet. This paper will be
    shredded shortly after your unit is shipped back to you. Only the business owners have access to this
    information. We do not store your credit card data! The credit card data is hand keyed into the credit card
    terminal which is connected to Elavon credit card processing via the telephone line.
    Merchant and customer paper copies of the transaction printed by the terminal do not show the entire credit
    card number, just the last 4 digits.

    Is a return authorization required to send in my equipment?

    No. Just include an Equipment Repair Form in the box.

    What is the address to send in my equipment?

    Norbern Electronics Inc.  6735 Earl Drive,  Colorado Springs, CO 80918

    Will you replace the backup batteries in the Wave radio?

   No.    Most every radio we receive has dead backup batteries.  The batteries only last a year, so most people
   forget about them and they go dead. In addition, good batteries will only last a few days when the radio is
   unplugged. So even if you have recently replaced the batteries, they will be dead by the time it gets to us.

    Will the display be "Bright as new" after repairs are completed?

    Since new displays are no longer available for most older Bose products, you can expect the display
    brightness to be the same as it was before the unit quit working. Please ask about your model
 if you have any concerns.

    Will my original Bose box be returned to me after repairs?

    We will use your box if it is in good condition. If it is in poor condition and the equipment would be at risk
    of being damaged in shipping, we will give you the option of discarding the Bose box or double boxing
    (packing your Bose box inside another new box).  Double boxing will add size and weight to your shipment
    causing an increase in shipping charges.

    How much is the cost to return ship my equipment? 

We receive many questions regarding shipping costs. The following information may help answer some of your questions. UPS shipping charges are based on the following.

1. Your distance from our location. (UPS calls these shipping zones)
2. The actual weight of the box. (heavier boxes cost more than lighter ones)
3. Total of all dimensions of the box. (a larger box cost more than a smaller box even if the 2
boxes each weigh the same)
4. Dimensional weight. The calculated weight is higher than the actual weight based on the total
dimensions of the box. (example; the box weighs 10 lbs but is charged as if it weighed 15 lbs
because it is considered oversize)
4. Insurance to cover shipping damages or loss of package.
5. Extended area surcharge. (applies to rural locations only)
6. Residential delivery surcharge. (UPS charges more shipping to a residence than a commercial location)
7. Signature required on delivery of package. (we give you the option to purchase this option)

So why does it cost less to send it to us than the cost to get it shipped back?

1. We are a commercial location. (no residential delivery surcharge)
2. We are not in a rural location. (no extended area surcharge)
3. Most boxes we receive are to small for safe packing of your unit. We almost always use a
larger box to return your unit. (the larger the box the higher the charge)
4. You may not have insured your package when you sent it to us. (we always insure)
5. We add a nominal handling and packing fee to each package.


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